Dublin Gliding Club was established in 1952 and has been based at Gowran Grange since 1980. Find out more about the club’s history here.

Airfield and Local Soaring
Gowran Grange has operated as an airfield since the 1930s. It has a single grass strip runway just off the north-south line (actually 03-21).

The launch method used at Gowran Grange Airfield is exclusively aero-tow. Standard launch height is 2,000 feet AGL. Maximum launch height is 4,000 feet AGL, constrained by local airspace.
Once a pilot has a cross-country endorsement, they can fly west into the midlands where heights of 7,500 feet are permitted. This allows for greater height gains and distances to be flown.

Local soaring conditions are primarily due to thermal activity. The thermals in Ireland are not as strong as in many parts of the world, but on good days they are certainly strong enough to have extended flights enjoying the local views or to make cross-country flights of 50km to 100km. In exceptionally good conditions using high performance gliders, flights in excess of 500km have been flown.

Certain wind conditions, primarily winds from South East, result in wave systems being created over or near the airfield. On these days it is possible to soar for hours in very smooth lift.