Learning to Soar – The Ultimate Gift

Why not give the gift of flight this year? Do you know someone who has always wanted to learn to fly, or maybe you have yearned to soar the skies – either way, Leinster Gliding Centre have the gift for you.

Choose an Air Experience Voucher here and give someone, or maybe give yourself, the gift of flight in 2024. Below is more information on how to become a glider pilot, and learn to soar the skies over Ireland.

Become a Glider Pilot- How?

There are a few ways to join but many use our Air Experience scheme (see below) that allows new members have an initial flight in one of our gliders with an instructor and then enjoy three months’ membership that is included in the price (the three months commences upon the first flight taken).
For those who have already decided that gliding is what they want to do, then our membership secretary will gladly welcome you to our ranks once we get the necessary paperwork sorted out – there really is very little involved and our membership secretary will go through it with you.
Each year we also run courses for both inexperienced and more experienced pilots.  No experience is required for some of these courses so it is a superb introduction to the sport of gliding, but spaces are limited due to demand so get your name down early. 

Keep an eye on our news section for any announcement for these as a one week course is a fantastic way to accelerate your pilot training and, if you’ve never flown before, it is a way to progress quickly and decide if gliding is for you.

What is an Air Experience Flight?

We are keen to introduce as many people as possible to the sport of gliding. Our Air Experience programme is aimed at giving people who are interested in flying and in learning to fly their first flight in a glider. We include the opportunity to begin flight instruction during a three month trial membership that is included with the Air Experience package. During this period we hope you will fall in love with gliding and become a long term member of the Leinster Gliding Centre.

What to expect during an Air Experience Flight? 

You will sit in the front seat of a dual control glider with one of our gliding instructors at the controls. The glider will be towed to altitude behind our powered towplane. Your instructor will release the tow rope and once the glider is flying free your instructor will demonstrate how the controls work and manoeuvre the glider for you. You can ask lots of questions or just sit back and enjoy the panoramic view. Your flight may be expected to last from twelve to twenty minutes or, if conditions permit, it may be up to 30 minutes but that will require thermals to permit some soaring to take place.

What does it cost?

The Air Experience Flight costs €160 and that price includes three months trial membership of Leinster Gliding Centre. As a trial member you may purchase further flights at members’ rates; the average flight costs €41 (the price varies according to time in the air). Members of the Leinster Gliding Centre are not charged anything extra for pilot training as all of our instructors and tug pilots give their time voluntarily.

How do I buy the Air Experience welcome pack?

Just click here to go to a page where you can buy the Air Experience flight, or click on the Buy Now button at the bottom of the page.

We use a secure third-party portal for your peace of mind. The Welcome Pack documents and BOARDING PASS will be sent as attachments with your email receipt. You should print and bring the paper copies with you to the airfield once you have telephoned to book your visit.

If this is a gift you can forward the attachments to your friend or family member or send them in the post. Our payment portal accepts Credit or Debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Revolut, N26 etc. Please ensure that your card is authorised for two factor authentication as your bank may ask you to confirm your purchase using a banking app on your phone.

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How do I book a date for my first flight?

You may book your first flight by calling 087 2355807. This is a club member’s personal phone number so please try to call at a social hour. Bookings are arranged for Saturday or Sunday mornings. In the summer months, special weekday flying dates can be arranged.

More questions?

First of all, please read our Frequently Asked Questions here FAQ or use the Get in Touch form on this website to be found on the Contact Us page.

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We look forward to seeing you!