Kerry 2023 – keeping the sand out…

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Looking back on 2023, as  usual one of the highlights was the autumn safari to Kerry. Storm Agnes knocked out some of the flying days, but we still managed to get flying. Here’s a picture of the K18 standing by to be launched into the air by a car tow. But what’s that “ground equipment” next to the cockpit?  Comments such as “Keeping one’s feet on the ground”, or ”The pilot must be aiming for an altitude of two feet” have already been made!😂

The reality? Flying from the shoreline is certainly special, but the sand can get everywhere. To keep the cockpit clean, a pilot will change out of beach footwear into something lighter and free of sand as she/he steps into the aircraft.  The groundcrew looks after the boots and brings them to the glider after it lands.

That’s just one of the wrinkles of beach operations.

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