OLC Championship Ireland

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Probably un-noticed by most if not all of us the 2020 OLC season is history. Certainly historic given everthing that was thrown at us.

Only 10 pilots posted scoring flights – less than half of the numbers of recent years and only one of those managed to fill all 6 available slots.

The thing about a competition is that it’s the same for everyone – same weather, same task, same rules, same problems. Although OLC rules allow you to go where and when you want without the need for a declared task, the principle is the same – we all had the same soaring season. And one pilot made the most of that weirdest of seasons to take (or should I say retake) the top step – Tom Deane. Well done our new Champion and winner of the IGSA & DGC ladders! 

Link https://www.onlinecontest.org

written by Kevin Houlihan.

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