Student Instruction

Dual Instruction

Student pilots are given instruction by a team of dedicated qualified instructors who will take the student from early introduction (Air Experience) flights through to solo. At each stage the student’s progress is monitored and recorded in their log book.

When a student demonstrates suitable proficiency in an exercise it is signed off by the instructor. In this way the correct instruction can be given at each stage of the training cycle and a consistent training environment is maintained for the student though several different instructors will be flying with the student at various times.

Once the student has satisfied the instructor that they can fly in safe and efficient manner and that all exercises have been completed satisfactorily, the student is sent solo.

Going Solo

Initial solo flights are closely monitored to ensure that the students flying training is being put into practice. The student must complete a check flight with an instructor on each day he/she wishes to fly solo during this period. The solo flights are taken in the dual seat aircraft that was flown during the dual instruction period. On successful completion of this phase of training the student is sent solo on the club single seat aircraft.

At this stage the student will mostly fly alone working to hone their skills and enjoying local soaring. Inevitably most students will start thinking about the requirements for the Bronze badge which is a prerequisite for cross-country flying. A pilot is free to ask for a dual instruction flight at any time that they wish to brush up on a particular exercise or aspect of their flying.