A new year 2020 and a recap of 2019

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Luckily enough Wednesday 1st January 2020 was flyable, and Peter Moskovits took to the sky with the first flight of 2020. Funny enough that Peter Moskovits also had the last flight out of Gowran on Monday 30th December 2019.

There were many events throughout the year of 2019 and here is a recap of some of these events.

  • Congratulations to Colin King on his 300k in Australia. This distance was achieved on January 5th, 2019.
  • Feb 5th, Dublin Gliding Club launched its new website and it is coming up to its first year’s anniversary.
  • The Ulster Gliding Club was the venue for the Easter Safari where several Club members took a trip up to participate in general flying.
  • Michael Shannon achieved his Silver Height Gain on 24th April at the Ulster Gliding Club.
  • Kevin Houlihan launches the new prototype GP 14 SE Velo at Gowran Grange Airfield. 
  • Liam Keegan achieved his Silver Distance in Gowran Grange on 5th May.
  • Tony Mc Dermott achieved his Silver Duration at Gowran Grange on 11th May.
  • Several Bronze Badges were awarded to Michael Shannon, Tony McDermott, PJ Moran and Owen Grogan.
  • PJ Moran purchased a Labelle.
  • Ronald Staeps purchased a LS1.
  • Owen Grogan purchased a LS1.
  • The ab-initio course was scheduled on June 26th – 28th and July 24th – 26th 2019.
  • June 12th Dublin Gliding Club had been shortlisted in the General & Sport Aviation section of the Aviation Awards. The subject of our entry is the Air Cadet programme. The section was won by the Galway Flying Club.
  • Andy Mazan flies in Hungry and while he was there, he achieved several 300k distances and a 500k flight.
  • Dublin Gliding Club celebrates Barretstown’s 25th Anniversary by displaying our Astir at the venue.
  • Several BBQ’s were held at the Club over the summer months.
  • Peter Moskovits organised a Gulyas Party for everyone.
  • We welcomed the TG4 team to the Dublin gliding club. They were filming for an upcoming programme about aircraft aerodynamics.
  • PJ Moran achieves his Silver Duration at Ulster Gliding Club.
  • Liam Keegan achieves his Silver Duration at Ulster Gliding Club.
  • The annual Kerry Safari took place in Dingle in October.
  • The Club airfield had its boundary trees and bushes pruned for the first time in decades. Colin Hadden headed up this momentous task.

There are many tasks that haven’t been mentioned here as this is just an overview. Please look up the news items on the website for the full story. If you have a story, achievement or event coming up and would like a post created to mention this, then please contact me.

Let’s have a happy, safe new year with wonderful soarable weather to come.

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