Condor Online Meeting

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Saturday saw its first Microsoft Teams meeting to discuss the use of Condor. Condor is a gilding simulator which has been around for many years but recently has had major updates . While there is no flying for the immediate future due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Condor can keep you in the sky even if it’s just a simulator. During our online session Owen Grogan and I demonstrated the following items….

  • downloading Condor
  • where the landscape folder is stored on your PC
  • setup of Condor for rudder and joystick control
  • the ability to buy extra gliders and where to buy them
  • setting up multiplayer mode to host a game
  • how to access the game on the Condor game server
  • live demonstration of connecting to the multiplayer game
  • where to purchase rudders and pedals
  • talked on external PDA connection running XCSoar
  • how to download the Ireland maps

During this session we had 12 club members connected using Microsoft Teams. We were able to share our screens and watch a live demonstration of Condor. Owen connected via Condor server to trial out the multiplayer. It worked very well.

Some links
Maps : irlande 2.0
Connecting to a multiplayer server:
External PDA connection help:

We plan on having an online contest soon with a 50k triangle to start with.

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