Dublin Gliding Club is back flying

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The good news is that we are back flying again since June 29th.

It was announced by the Government that, from June 29th, all sporting activities, including contact sports, may resume as well as hairdressers and barbers. In view of this relaxing of restrictions, the IGSA no longer advises against dual flying provided steps are taken to protect the pilots and minimise potential exposure.

The priority for now is to get all our instructors, tug pilots and solo pilots back to full flying currency. This will take several weeks. While dual flying in now allowed, it is on a restricted basis of only 15mins and a launch height of 1200 feet to limit exposure to both the Instructor and the student. This will allow the Student to have flying checks prior to flying solo.

It is not possible for Aer Experience voucher holders to fly now until further notice but any vouchers bought prior to the lockdown will be honoured by the amount of time flying is not available. Once full restrictions are lifted and a 3000-foot launch is viable then voucher holders will be contacted as soon as possible.

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