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On Saturday, Michael Shannon hosted a club online Condor competition. This was a teaser event to test out our connections and any possible failures. We got off to a bad start with several restarts required to the server but eventually 4 eager glider pilots connected. Colin King bravely shared his screen via Zoom to several online lookers who did not have Condor ready yet. You could say that Colin did very well in a single seater Sirrus with 4 back seat passengers.

We used the Slovanian map to do a 75km triangle . The race went very went well and all four gliders crossed the finish line. Owen Grogan took first place with Ian deBreezer second, Colin King third and Michael Shannon in fourth place.

Several other members have joysticks and rudders on order, so hopefully this Saturday we can get more players into the game for a real challenge.

I have sent a link to download the Irish maps to the club and perhaps, if all players have this map installed, we could do a local triangle around home ground. The picture below is the final score shown after everyone landed.

Condor Game

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