July ’23 – A case of “be ready for when the sun shines!”

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Recent weeks have posed some challenges on the weather front, not least for the club barbeque and gathering on Saturday 22nd July;  in true press-on spirit, the event went ahead anyway. Wet conditions cause a marked deterioration in performance in some gliders, but not in the pilots when there’s a glowing grill and a plate of paella!

While some weekend days were a washout as far as flying was concerned, work around the club progressed and flying opportunities were grabbed when they occurred. And some days, particularly in midweek operations, did deliver good soaring. These afforded a few days of full activity. Average flight times of over an hour across the day were reached, even though a number of the launches were shorter training sorties.

The “Women in Gliding” study initiative proceeds apace, alongside normal club flying. The accompanying photo shows one of the “Women in Gliding” flights on climb-out behind the tug, on its way to release at 2000 feet agl.

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