Kerry Safari 2023 – Looking Ahead

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This year’s annual club safari to Kerry is scheduled for the fortnight from 23rd September to 8th October.  Regulars won’t need to be reminded about it, but anyone wanting to sample this unique gliding experience should plan to clear a few days (or the full fortnight) to attend. The safari is intended for solo pilots, with the two-seater K13 being used mainly to give training and check flights on car-launching and ridge soaring. However, all are welcome to come along if only to observe – and to help with the running of the operation.

Any intending first-timers are advised to get further info about the safari beforehand. Sea, scenery and soaring make for a wonderful combination!

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Aircraft Movements

With the upturn in weather after July had gone, we have had more action in the air with some good flying days. There are also aircraft movements of another sort over the some that should be noted. Kenn McDonagh has acquired the DG200 from Peter Denman. Peter owned this glider for some twenty-five years, enjoying

July ’23 – A case of “be ready for when the sun shines!”

Recent weeks have posed some challenges on the weather front, not least for the club barbeque and gathering on Saturday 22nd July;  in true press-on spirit, the event went ahead anyway. Wet conditions cause a marked deterioration in performance in some gliders, but not in the pilots when there’s a glowing grill and a plate of paella! While some